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For commercial property owners, testing for radon should be a priority to protect employees, customers, and tenants. The EPA recommends testing for radon every 2 years, in alternate seasons.

NRPP and NRSB Certified For Nationwide Testing And State Licensed, Where Required

NRPP - Radon Testing Certified by National Radon Proficiency Program"
NRSB - Radon Testing Certified by National Radon Safety Board"
IEMA - Certified In Illinois As A Radon Testing Professional "
IL School Board - Member by Invitation of the Illinois Association of School Boards"
Midwest AARST - Member of Local Chapter of AARST"


Radon Detection Specialists are licensed professionals in the State of Illinois.

Radon Detection Specialists For Commercial Properties

Because of increased air movement from HVAC systems, varying occupancy times, unusual radon entry mechanisms, and structural features, radon concentrations in commercial structures are often hard to characterize. There are stringent guidelines for radon measurement in commercial buildings, and Radon Detection Specialists is licensed to perform radon measurements in these structures.

The risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer increases with increased exposure times, not just elevated levels. With the amount of time spent each day at work, it is likely that commercial buildings are the second-largest source of exposure to radon gas. Because radon is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, the only way to know the radon level in any building is to test.

If you are interested in including radon testing as part of your indoor air quality management, please call our office or email us for a quote. A copy of the building floor plan and a five-minute phone interview will be helpful in determining both the testing strategy and the cost.

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